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While working for e-commerce company Memotech, I was responsible for writing descriptions for a wide range of products across several different websites including, and

Rather than copy-paste information provided by product manufacturers, all descriptions were written from scratch. Where a product was to appear on more than one website, separate descriptions were created for each. These approaches aimed to improve the websites’ search engine performance by maximizing relevance, focusing on keywords and minimizing duplicate content.


As a freelancer, I’ve created and managed content for the golf breaks website Club Choice Ireland. The company specialises in golf packages to the east and south east of Ireland, targeting customers in the UK, Ireland and USA.

Much of the content currently on the website is a mix of my original work (or edited versions of my contributions) with a small amount of content from previous writers. My recent redrafts of the homepage and Golf Packages page content, along with work on the page titles and meta descriptions, aimed to improve the site from an SEO standpoint.


Again while working for e-commerce company Memotech, I was responsible for creating content for a range of blog and informational websites that were primarily intended to generate sales leads.

These websites ranged from brochure websites such as Veteran Safes to information-heavy blog-style sites like and The latter style sites required content to be sourced and researched, with the aim being to present technical information in an easy to understand manner.

I’ve also created much less formal content for the Salt and Pepper Band website.

Screenwriting, essays & other projects

I like to write.

In 2009, I contributed to the Darklight Film Festival with my script for the “Noughts and Crosses” section of the Hotel Darklight film (viewable on Vimeo; “Noughts and Crosses” begins at just before 46 minutes).

Several examples of short essays can be found in the blog section of this website (e.g. “Just Saying”)

For a short while, I wrote film reviews on a WordPress blog called Life Should Be Widescreen. I called it a day after “Daybreakers”.

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