Wednesday, March 15th 2017

They say that people generally stop listening to new music around the age of 33.

“NONSENSE!” I thought. I’ve listened to loads of new music in the last year, thanks to Spotify and 8Radio and TXFM (may she rest in peace). Thundercat. Childish Gambino. Father John Misty. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. The Amazons.

But I can barely remember a single one of their songs. Don’t ask me to hum one because I’m not sure I could.

The temptation is to claim that new music just isn’t as good as the old stuff. ‘Old stuff’ here meaning 1995 to 2001. As someone who was an Oasis fan in that era, I can’t really make that argument with a straight face.

It just ain’t like it used to be, when I could only afford a CD or two a month and would listen to them over and over and over, reading along with the sleeve liner lyrics. And maybe break out a guitar to figure out the chords too.

Nowadays I’m so spoiled for choice that if an album doesn’t grab me on the first listen – sometimes on the first song – I’m probably going to switch to something else. It only takes a tap of a link rather than a trip back to the CD shop to try and blag a swap. And I’m hardly going to spend an hour working out how to play it when I can find the chords online in a few seconds.

And of course there’s the fact that I can now also go and listen to all those old albums I couldn’t afford when I was 15, plus all the music from the eighty-odd years of blues and rock ‘n’ roll that came beforehand.

It’s the same kind of problem with TV shows. There’s just. So. MANY. I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. Or Parks and Rec. Or 30 Rock. Or Homeland. But I watch 2 – 3 hours of Netflix/TV a day and I’ve seen plenty of shows that are (probably) just as good. And MacGyver too.

It’d be nice if everyone could just stop making new stuff for a year or so and give me a chance to catch up.

Actually, better make it two. I might want to watch some of it twice, or figure out the chords to it.

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