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The First Rule
Thursday, June 1st 2017

A disaffected, disillusioned young man becomes part of an underground terrorist organisation that preaches self-destruction as the means to fight against the ideals of Western society, ultimately culminating in a bombing campaign that destroys several buildings.

Sound familiar? That’s right. It’s the plot to Fight Club.

But with a few little tweaks it becomes a sort of base narrative for 21st century expressions of male rage that range from school shooters to gamergaters to ISIS.

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Post Floof
Friday, November 18th 2016

I can think of nothing useful to say in response to the last fortnight, so this is just every dog picture I’ve posted to Facebook in the last week plus one very inspirational hedgehog.

Reindeer Dog

Smile Dog

Bathtime Dog

Camera Dog


Inspirational Hedgehog

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Anyone But You
Wednesday, February 17th 2016

What’s the point in voting?

If you don’t vote, you’re not allowed complain. If you don’t vote, they know they can just ignore you. If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter.

But what do I do if I feel that not a single one of the parties or politicians in my constituency is deserving of a vote because their policies and priorities don’t tally with mine?

Run for election yourself. Start your own political party. Or join an existing one and try to influence it from within.

Well, I would, but unlike the vast majority of our elected representatives, I’m capable of recognizing my own complete lack of suitability for that particular job…

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Just Saying
Saturday, December 29th 2012

It’s a grand little country when it isn’t raining, and to tell the truth it really doesn’t rain as much as we let on, and sure we’re well used to it by now anyway and it’s never stopped us from having our fun.

So maybe it’s not the wet weeks, the wet socks, the wet jeans, wet funerals and wet streets you get sick of. Maybe your idea of “grand” is just a little different. And that doesn’t make you wrong or right, or make you a better person, it’s just a fact of life.

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Vote early, vote often
Friday, February 25th 2011

Ultimately, this seemed like the most logical choice:

My vote of happy faces

Although >:( might’ve made more sense.

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